Rediscovering Green Things

I’m back home! Man, is it nice to be back. I had a fabulous time in the Midwest at my cousin’s wedding. We had so much fun but I am wiped. If you ever want to feel 16 again, take an eighteen hour road trip with your parents in a very small car! We made excellent time back, but I was definitely ready to stretch out after squeezing into the back seat. I love our trips to the Midwest because I get to see my aunts, uncles, and cousins, but sometimes I feel like no one out there has heard of fruits or vegetables! We ate a TON of starch and my body is craving greens. So I was excited when I got home and found some bits and pieces left from our CSA share. I had stopped at one of my favorite neighborhood shops, Capone Foods, and picked up fresh pasta, sauce, and ricotta.

After cooking the pasta, which was black pepper papardelle, I tossed a bunch of spinach about the size of my head into the pot with a little bit of olive oil and sauteed it for about a minute just to soften it up.

Yum! Leafy greens do the body good! After a quick saute, I tossed the pasta back in with the spinach. Doesn’t that look tasty and fresh?!?

The sauce I picked up at Capone’s is a Roasted Red Pepper Pesto. I’ve never tried it before, but all of their other sauces are fabulous. This one was no exception. The peppers just added a hint of heat and smokiness. Then, adding in the ricotta gave the meal just enough creaminess.

Very satisfying! I can’t wait to get into more light summer cooking in the days and weeks ahead. I’m off to finish out my meal with a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with some of my local honeycomb. Cheers!



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