Sunday Brunch

Today is a big cooking and experimentation day (check back tomorrow for the exciting reveal!) so this will be a quick one. Once again, we are nearing the CSA date and we still have SO much produce. Getting used to this schedule has been a bit of a challenge. As much as I love being experimental and cooking delicious things, yesterday all I wanted to do was eat Annie’s Mac & Cheese. Instead I ate leftovers, but didn’t cook anything new.

This morning, my husband and I realized we were out of cereal so we decided to make a scramble. We still had all the spinach and arugula from this week’s share, so I decided to saute that all down and mix it in with eggs and Muenster cheese. It always amazes me how much roughage I can eat once it’s been cooked.

This is what we started with:










By the time we were ready to stir it in to the five eggs we scrambled, it had reduced to about a quarter of the size! And between the two of us, we ate all those greens in one sitting. Talk about efficient!







When the eggs were just about cooked, I added in the greens mixture, straining out as much liquid as possible, and about a half cup of grated Muenster. We toasted up some marble rye and had a very enjoyable brunch!

I hope you’re having a delightful weekend. I’m off to finish my big food projects!



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