Mid-Summer Variety

I took a lot of photos of our haul this week since we had some new varieties and everything looked so lovely and fresh, so today will be mostly photos. I’m in the middle of a new and exciting experiment. The post of it will be up on Friday…my husband and I are taking a vacation day tomorrow and heading down to the Cape for a relaxing beach trip.

The whole crate.

Rainbow Chard

Romaine Lettuce

Spring Onions



Kousa squash, pickling cucumber, summer squash, zucchini

Sugar snap peas

This weeks totals: about 2 pounds of sugar snap peas, 2 Kousa squash, one summer squash, one zucchini, one pickling cucumber, a bunch of radishes, one kohlrabi, one bunch of rainbow chard, one large bunch of green onions, and a head of Romaine lettuce.

Looking forward to playing around with some new produce!



2 responses

    • Hi Tammy! Thanks for reading! A kousa squash has a very similar texture and taste to that of zucchini, so you can pretty much use them the same way. The kousa squash is smaller and a lovely light green.


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