This Week’s Selection Furthers My Tex-Mex Hankerings

Something about the heat and spending time at the beach leaves me with various Tex-Mex/Southwestern/Tropical flavor joneses and the veggies in this week’s CSA share will help me continue in that vein!

The complete haul

A jalapeño pepper and cilantro

Wax beans, another jalapeño, carrots, and one of the four ears of corn

rainbow chard and a green pepper

a little purple kohlrabi and a giant bunch of green onions

one giant zucchini, a small kousa squash, a summer squash, and four cucumbers

The full head-count: one bunch cilantro, two jalapeño peppers, 4 ears corn, one green pepper, one bunch rainbow chard, wax beans, carrots, green onions, purple kohlrabi, one zucchini, one summer squash, one kousa squash, two pickling cucumbers, and two slicing cucumbers.

Phew! This looks like a fun week! (Actually, I’ve already used 2 ears of corn, one jalapeño, and some cilantro so stay tuned for that recipe!)



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