Where to Begin??

Ahh, I’m so far behind! I just finished parent-teacher conferences this week and am finally feeling like I can take a breath…at least until I start writing reports in two weeks… Quote of the day from a well-meaning fourth grade boy: “Mrs. M, are you wearing something under your eyes today?” Me: “What?” Oh wait, those are just dark circles. Right.

Anyways, despite my incredibly prolonged absence, I’ve been cooking and taking some pictures, so for today, this will be a catch-up post. Lots of pictures. If you want recipes for anything, please let me know in the comments and I will do a follow-up post!


So, here we go. Catch up part 1:

Home made refrigerator pickles…these turned out SO good

The beginning of an epic day: whole wheat pasta dough, pasta maker, basil, and tomatoes

Huge pot of tomato sauce…some of this is still in my freezer…yumm!

Husband and I fighting with the pasta maker! We ended up just cutting tagliatelle.

Round 1: Home made whole wheat ravioli, stuffed with home made ricotta (see earlier post), topped with the tomato sauce above.

Round 2: Whole wheat tagliatelle, sauce, and ricotta (same as above in a different combination)

And now for something completely different: cupcake pies filled with ground cherries

Seriously, how cute is that?

Not cooking, but I had to share a picture from the amazing cheese tasting and pairing class I took at the Formaggio Kitchen. I learned so much and ate approximately my body weight in cheese!

Thanks for bearing with me. Stay tuned for more catch up later this weekend! And again, let me know if you want details in the comments!



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