Guest Posting Today

Check out my guest post on my wonderful sister-in-law’s art and craft blog, Make It Sing.

Enjoy your holiday crafting!




Busy Holidays!

Pardon the radio silence….I’ve pretty much been boycotting the kitchen since cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner. It was fun and went well, but I think I met my cooking quota for the…month? year? decade?  Hard to believe, I know. Meanwhile, craziness has ensued at school because the kids are all pumped up for vacation. So, to bridge the gap before more fun holiday cooking, here are some great cookie recipes (I haven’t tried them yet, but know they’re great because they come recommended by my friend who is the queen of Christmas cookies) …

…and a funny picture of my dear husband enjoying our turkey to make you smile!

Do you have any holiday cookies that you can’t live without?