It’s a Bird; It’s a Plane; It’s Me Cooking Out of My Comfort Zone!

Now, as you’ve probably guessed based on the topic of this blog, I love to cook. However, let me be the first to tell you, I am no baker. One thing I really enjoy about cooking is the ability to improvise and be creative. Perhaps with practice I would be able to incorporate that into baking, but I am certainly not there. So with this disclaimer, let’s move right along.

Today was my last day of school (woohoo!), so I wanted to bring in a special treat for my students. I thought I’d like to make cupcakes, mostly because they don’t require plates or silverware, and was trying to find something appropriately school- or summer-themed without being too challenging. Fondant and piping stiff buttercream did not sound like my cup of tea. Eventually, I thought of making a “school” of fish to celebrate the end of our school. I came across the idea I ended up using here. I thought it was an adorable idea and definitely do-able.

I made the cupcakes from scratch using this recipe from The Food Network. It was easy and delicious. I highly recommend it! I cheated and used frosting from a can, since I had more than enough decorating to keep me busy.

Here’s the final product!

I was quite proud of myself for how these turned out. My fellow teachers thought it was too funny.

These reminded me a bit of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, which is one of my favorite picture books. My fourth graders loved them and decided I “make the best cupcakes in the world.” Ten year olds are the kings of hyperbole. Very little goes together better than kids and cupcakes, so I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves!

Yay for summer vacation! I’ll miss these guys, but I am so ready for a break. I’m looking forward to picking up my CSA tomorrow and sharing what is in store!