Scapes and Fiddleheads and Honeycomb? Yes, Please!

Though our first CSA will not arrive until Wednesday, I thought I’d get things started here on the blog with a delicious meal from last night. Yesterday was a rare day; cold and rainy in Boston in June AND my husband and I had the whole day free! We decided it was the perfect combination for making some delicious food. Both of us have been interested in finding some good local honey. Whether or not the pollen inoculation theories are true, we love honey and local just tastes better! After doing some research, I decided to try Boston Honey Company. Now the trick was, where to find it. Sure, probably some of the local Whole Foods would carry it, but since we had the day to kill, we decided to make the trek over to Russo’s, an amazing market in Watertown. Lo and behold, the first thing we saw when we came through the front door, after making our way past the amazing plants and flowers, local honey!













We got a container of fresh, raw honey comb and a small jar of their spring blossom honey. How irresistible is that?!?


Just past the honey was a cart full of pints of local strawberries. Now, we weren’t planning on buying much produce, what with the CSA starting Wednesday and all, but fruit isn’t included in our share and these just looked too good to pass up.

So dessert was taken care of. When we got home, I planned to throw together some quick drop biscuits (Bisquick: Cheating? Yes. Quick? Yes. Tasty? Yes. Ah, well, 2 out of 3 isn’t too bad…) Now for the main course; Russo’s has an amazing produce selection, as they have strong relationships with both local and international sellers, and I had a hankering for garlic scapes. I knew if anyone would have them, Russo’s would.

For those of you who haven’t had (or heard of) a garlic scape before, you know when you have an old head of garlic and little green things start to poke out? Eventually, those would become the scapes. They are the green stalks of immature garlic plants and have a flavor similar to roasted garlic. Their season runs through June and they are a delight in stir-fries or even in pesto (find great ideas for scape usage here).

Sure enough, in the back room at Russo’s, I found a few remaining bunches of scapes. They were a bit past their prime, but I figured they’d be tasty anyway. (I was right, don’t worry!)

Now don’t those look fun? I froze some fiddleheads earlier in the season, because they are one of my all-time spring favorites, and thought that I’d saute up the scapes with the fiddleheads. Add some olive oil and pepper and we’d have quite a tasty veggie combo. As we were walking through the rest of Russo’s, I saw some fresh ravioli that practically screamed my name. I have a weakness for carbs, particularly fresh pasta, and these were filled with ricotta, parmesan, and sweet peas. Color me intrigued.

So, naturally, I bought a pound and tossed them with the scapes and fiddleheads for an incredibly satisfying meal. My husband was surprised at how filling it was! The ravioli were delicious; the sweet fiddleheads, which taste similar to asparagus, and the nutty scapes set off the richness of the pasta filling nicely.  Here’s the finished product:

 Follow the pasta up with a dessert of honeycomb, strawberries, and drop biscuits and we were two happy campers!

Yum. Now that’s my kind of Saturday night!

This sure got us excited for the start of our CSA and many more food adventures to come! Check back later this week to see what came in our first CSA share!