Small Bites (And A Face Lift)

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So, it has been hot with a capital H here in good ole Beantown. Way too hot. And my appetite is always fairly pathetic when I’m over-heated. Today, I’m going to share with you a series of small bites that I’ve made over the past week, none big enough to warrant a full post. I … Continue reading

Mid-Summer Variety

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I took a lot of photos of our haul this week since we had some new varieties and everything looked so lovely and fresh, so today will be mostly photos. I’m in the middle of a new and exciting experiment. The post of it will be up on Friday…my husband and I are taking a … Continue reading

Some Red With My Green!

This week, we are seeing a touch more color in our CSA share! That’s how you know that summer is getting into full swing here in the Northeast. I am going out of town for the holiday weekend tomorrow, but will be back with lots of catching up next week. Who knows, I might even post a bit from the road!

Today, when I picked up our share, I utilized a nifty feature of Farmer Dave’s CSA share that I hadn’t before: the swap box. Even though the shares come prepackaged, each week there is a box where you can swap things out of your share for something different. Since I still haven’t managed to use the Chinese cabbage or tatsoi (though I’m planning to tomorrow), I swapped out this week’s bok choy with an extra bag of spinach. I’m more used to cooking with spinach and it is so incredibly delicious at this time of year!

Here’s what our box looked like after the swap:

We got two bags of spinach, a head of Romaine lettuce, a bag of peas, and…

…radishes, more garlic scapes (!), and…

…a cippolini onion and rainbow chard.

I have some fun cooking in my future. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!


The First CSA Share…and a Disclaimer

First, the disclaimer. This week is going to be a bit different from how these posts will go in the future. Tomorrow, I have a full day of faculty meetings and am going straight from school to the airport. Currently, I’m in the middle of packing up. I’m heading to the Midwest for my dear cousin’s wedding and will be out of town until early next week. I wanted to share what we got in our first pick-up, but since I won’t be here to cook it, I am not going to be posting recipes or finished products for this round. Luckily, my husband will be home to eat all this delightful produce. So I hope you enjoy checking out what we got and will join me next week for our next round!

I opened up our bright green crate to find a delightful pile of green!

And more garlic scapes! Nice, fresh garlic scapes, which look and smell delicious.

On the left are pea tendrils. Apparently the whole pea plant is edible: shoots, leaves, flowers, all of it. I’ve never had pea tendrils, shoots but not tendrils, and am looking forward to trying them. On the right, Chinese cabbage, yum.

Some delightful looking beets and Hakurei turnips.

The complete set: garlic scapes, beets, Hakurei turnips, pea tendrils, Chinese cabbage, Romaine lettuce, spinach, snap peas. All in all, quite a delightful haul, and I know my husband will enjoy chowing down on it while I’m away.

I’ll be back to regular posting on Wednesday of next week. If you miss me, go to your local farmers market and leave your finds in the comments!