The Skinny on Beets…

…And a shout-out. First, the shout-out. I have to thank my amazing husband for making this blog possible. Many of my friends and family have asked if he is loving this project, since he gets to eat delicious food and doesn’t have to cook it. Yes, of course, he loves that part. But, the reason I could not do this without him…confession time…I hate doing dishes. Ugh. It makes me cranky just thinking about it. I would have been done after post one of this blog if it wasn’t for him helping out with the dishes. I try not to leave them all to him, since he has no great love for dishes either, but he definitely does the majority. So thanks, husband, for allowing me to play in the kitchen without having to deal with the consequences!

Now, the skinny on beets. Another thing that has come up frequently in conversations about this blog, what with my recently acquired beet-centric world view, is readers’ feelings about beets. It seems to me that, with beets, there is no middle ground. You love them. Or you hate them. I have yet to hear from someone who says something along the lines of, “Meh, beets, I could take ’em or leave ’em.” So, in order to be quite scientific about this, I have decided…drum roll, please…to unleash my first poll on you. What do you think about beets? If my options are too limiting and you feel the desire to explain why you feel the way you do about beets, feel free to open up in the comments. (Good examples of opening up: “They’re pink! What’s not to love?!” or “They’re pink! That’s disgusting! Why would you eat that??”)


I look forward to seeing the results!